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YAP’s Sister Agency Competed in a Guatemala Game Show

Leaders and participants in YAP Guatemala sister agency Siembra Bien were overnight celebrities last month. They were contestants on “Soñando en Familia,” a Guatemala TV game show.

Siembra Bien Executive Director Gabriela Altman said the organization was among a group of nonprofits in the country that met the criteria for joining the game show, which normally invites families to compete. “As Siembra Bien works with youth and leadership, working on programs in marginal areas, etc. -- and yes, with a little help on coercion -- we managed to enter the program,” she said.

Gabriela said the Siembra Bien team showcased their “general knowledge, academics, charisma, positive mind and happiness” every night at 8 pm on channel Guatevision. She said it was a lot of fun, but also “very important for visibility. The publicity that is priceless,” she added.

Siembra Bien’s competitor was a nonprofit called, The FACE, which provides services for children with disabilities.  Money raised during the competition went directly to the two nonprofits.



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