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Scholarship Essay

Brandon Robinson

My family and I have been through some tough times the past couple of years. From my parents separating and my mom being in and out of the hospital we have had to deal with less than desirable circumstances, like moving to my grandparent's house, and having to commute between our house and my mom's house to spend time with mom. My dad does a great deal for my family; he still takes care of my mom paying the mortgage on our old house that she is staying in, and occasionally giving her money to live on, while he is also buying food for us, and covering all of the other expenses that come with having five children. To cover all of these expenses my dad has to put a lot of time in at his job. Having YAP has really helped him as far as taking the kids out to do fun activities and to be there for all of the family.

YAP has helped my family a lot over the past few months. From taking my brothers, and I out and going to the movies, or just taking a couple hours to go to the park. It takes a lot of stress away from my dad, and I we don't have to worry so much about taking my brothers out to do stuff because we have the advocates who plan a lot of activities with them. I believe having the advocates to do activities with, and someone to talk to has given my brothers a way to take their minds of the current situation at home, completing supervised visits with my mom and the kids, and something to look forward to on a daily basis. I think that Matthew has really gone from being shy to new people to opening up to the advocates, and really being more open with everybody that he meets. Adam loves to go with Brian and do activities. Allan also enjoys the activities that they do. Jimmy and I really haven't gone all that much because we have our own agendas as far as what we are doing this summer. When we do get the chance to go we always enjoy it. I also like the fact that Brian is fresh out of college because that is where I'll be next year and he can really relate to me.

This scholarship would be a tremendous help to me and my father. It will help me pay for college and expenses that I will incur during school in the next year. I t would also save us from taking out a lot of money in the form of a student loan. This would be a great opportunity for me if I could be considered for this scholarship.