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Nomination Letter

Madison Parrish, LA

"Devin entered the YAP program on January 11, 2006 and was discharged from the program on July 11, 2006. While in the program he was very eager to participate in all scheduled activities by the advocate. Devin was taken on tours of universities to expose him to college. During the program, he worked 40 hours a week at Delhi Hospital Clinic to make money for his college education. Devin was able to obtain a higher paying job at Terrell, Inc. He attended Delhi High School where he graduated with honors. Since graduation, Devin has applied and been accepted to Alcorn State University where he is playing football. He is majoring in Criminal Justice. Devin was a very good client and cooperated with all individuals of the YAP organization. Devin also helped other clients of the YAP program by discussing with them the importance of staying in school to receive a high school diploma. Devin is currently paying for his college education himself because he did not receive a scholarship. A scholarship funded for Devin would help with the costs of room and board, books, as well as other finances."

Nomination Letter

Mr. & Mrs. Washington

"We think the Youth Advocate Program is a really good program for our youth. It teaches our young boys to be men and our young girls to be women. Some kids are bothered by things such as peer pressure, drugs, drinking, and many other inappropriate situations in the world today. They find out that trouble is easy to get into, but something hard to get out of. This program helps the kids get their priorities together. It teaches them that even though they make mistakes, they can still achieve and accomplish great things in life. We think that more kids should get involved in the Youth Advocate Program for guidance purposes. It leads them on a straight and narrow path. It teaches them to stay out of trouble and to stay in school. Overall, we think this program is good for our youth. It leads and directs them to live prosperous lives."