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Nomination Letter

Jim Rielly, Director
Wyoming County, PA

"I would like to submit the name of our client, Kristin Payton, for consideration of a college scholarship.

"Kristin has been a Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. client for over four years. Originally, Kristin was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, Early Onset. At that time, she was struggling with maintaining relationships, especially in her family. Kristin was living with her biological mother, stepfather and stepbrother. Family arguments and sometimes physical altercations were common at that time. Goals for Kristin were set by the Treatment Team to include emotional stabilization, more appropriate communication and cooperation with others and psychoeducation pertaining to her mood disorder. Kristin has been under the care of a child psychiatrist who was prescribing medication but more recently has discontinued the medication in conjunction with Kristin's improved mental status. Kristin's current diagnosis in Mood Disorder, NOS.

"Kristin is an intelligent and hard working young woman and was able to engage in all aspects of her Treatment Plan with slow but successful goal attainment. Life at home for Kristin has remained challenging. Approximately eight months ago her mother and stepfather separated and her mother found it necessary to secure custody of Kristin's two young relatives, a niece and nephew, who now reside with Kristin and her mother. Kristin loves her niece and nephew and has proven to be a patient and helpful caregiver herself.

"Kristin is now completing her High School education at Tunkhannock Area School District. She has been on the honor role several times over the past four years and has received physical fitness awards. Kristin is athletic and also a very active member of the High School Drama Club. She is also Vice President of the school Poetry Club this year. Kristin has done volunteer work in the community as a Camp Counselor at Camp Adventure in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania the past two summers.

"This year Kristin has been applying to colleges and has received an offer to attend Mansfield University starting in September, 2007. Kristin is also hoping to be accepted at Marywood University. Her initial career goals include studying Business Administration with the intention of owning her own business someday. There is no dobut in my mind that Kristin can accomplish this goal as she demonstrates qualities of hard work, determination and good sense.

"This school year, Kristin's grades in senior English were dropping off and we were all apprehensive of her completing High School on time. I am relieved to report that Kristin has reversed this downward trend and is now doing much better in English. Kristin was able to realize the importance of maintaining her good grade school average when considering college. Her determination to do well is evident in her behavior and decisions.

"As our time and treatment for Kristin draws to closure, all of us on the Treatment Team are pleased and excited about the progress she has made. We all wish Kristin the very best in her ongoing achievements and college career.

"We all believe that Kristin is an excellent candidate for the Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. Endowment Fund Scholarship. Her family finances are such that her mother will find it very difficult to support her daughter throughout the college years. A college scholarship would be a great help to Kristin and her mother.

"For these reasons, and many more, it is our hope that Kristin Payton will be considered for the scholarship that Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. has so generously made available to our clients and future leaders."