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Nomination Letter

Sheldon Reichstein, Director
Harris County, TX

I am writing you this letter in reference to Quinton Johnson, a youth that was enrolled in the program on 9-27-10 and successfully completed the program on 11-21-10. During Mr. Johnson's time in the program he received his G.E.D. Mr. Johnson also completed anger management education and participated regularly in life skills education. Mr. Johnson obtained his Texas identification card, participated in community service projects, although he was not ordered to do so and participated in social development activities on a regular basis. He attended the work source to assist with employment search and learn job skills and participated in community outreach programs in the community and at schools. The client went on college visits with his advocate and is currently enrolled for the spring semester at Houston Community College. Therefore I am formally requesting that Mr. Johnson be strongly considered for the Endowment scholarship award.

Scholarship Essay

Quinton Johnson

My Story 

My name is Quinton Johnson. I was born January 4th, 1994. I was raised in a house of seven kids by a single mother. The little time I have attended the mentor program it has taught me that there is much more to life than hanging out in the streets all day and every day or there are safer and better ways to make money in a positive way. The mentor program has opened my eyes to many more roads and a better future.I started the mentor program on September 23rd 0f 2010 at first I did not like the sound of having a mentor because I thought my mentor would be something close to a computer freak or some really religious person and then I met Mr. Lewis he was real cool he talked to me he told me about his life and showed me why it is so important for black males to get there education. The mentor program has also taught me that it doesn't take probation or being away from home for six to nine months to stay out of trouble when there are so many community activities there are to do that you can have fun at and even have good lesson learning responsibility and good working ethics


Mr. Lewis has opened my eyes for me by showing me that even though you have an education and sit behind a desk you can still have fun and chill with your family and friends. Now that I have started back on the right track I plan on continuing my education majoring in business management and minoring in music production. I have had lots of fun in this program and I hope many of the young adults who have attended this program has learned as much as I have learned in this program or even more and remember that "life's what you make it and it's up to you to shake and bake it."