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Nomination Letter

Jim Rielly, Director
Bradford County, PA

I am submitting a request for a college scholarship for a former client in our Behavioral Health Program in Bradford County, PA. The former client is Stefanie Stevens, who was formerly known as Stefanie Evans.

Stefanie began our Behavioral Health Program on March 29, 2005 at the age of 15, following a referral request from the Bradford County Children and Youth Services, who had legal custody of Stefanie. Stefanie's case worker from Children and Youth was Pam Scrivner. At that time, Stefanie was being housed and treated in a Residential Treatment Facility for Adolescent females in Canton, PA. called, Hope House. As part of Stefanie's discharge planning from Hope House, she was referred to our program for continued counseling and treatment. Stefanie was evaluated by our licensed psychologist and it was determined she could benefit from Behavioral Specialist Consultant work and Mobile Therapy.

Stefanie was discharged from Hope House and sent home to live with her biological mother and her mother's paramour. Stefanie was seen to have anger management difficulties as well as a lack of trust for adults and a lack of skill for making and maintaining friendships.

Stefanie was able to develop a trusting relationship with her assigned Mobile Therapist; Lois Houser (now deceased). Stefanie remembers "giving Lois a hard time, but she stuck with me and we eventually grow close. She helped me a lot."

During Stefanie's Treatment time with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. she was seen to make steady progress toward learning to express her anger more appropriately, and she was able to develop some trusting relationships with adults and other adolescents. Stefanie was in the 10th grade at this point and was able to do well as a High School Student maintaining a high B average. As Stefanie entered the 11th grade in High School she continued to make slow progress and before her discharge from our program she had developed three very close friendships in school as well as a much closer relationship with her mother and her mother's paramour. Stefanie was invited to the Senior Prom while in the 11th grade and both her mother and mother's paramour supported her in this and helped to make Stefanie's Prom experience a memorable one. Following the Prom, Stefanie was scheduled for discharge from our services as she had successfully completed her treatment goals.

Today, Stefanie is 21 years old and has decided to seek a college degree program at Corning Community College, in Corning, New York. Stefanie will be a day student and continue living at her home in Athens, PA. When Stefanie came to see this Director last month she expressed her excitement about being accepted as a college student and she inquired about receiving some form of financial assistance. Stefanie also expressed her feelings of grief over the death of her former Mobile Therapist, Lois Houser, who died in 2009.

I would recommend Stefanie Stevens (Evans) for a scholarship as she is trying very hard to move her life forward in the right direction. Stefanie's treatment experience with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. is proof that we can change biographies.

Scholarship Essay

Stefanie Stevens

I was a participant in the Youth Advocate Program when I was a young teenager.  My therapist was Lois Housa. Your program influenced me greatly. I was a very broken teenager. I liked to cause a lot of problems for myself and the people around. I didn't have respect for anybody, including myself. Through you program, I learned how to cope with the issues that made me so angry. I learned how to respect myself and the people around myself. The Y.A.P. and Lois Housa gave me a wonderful appreciation for what that program does that I am now starting college in January for my degree in Human Services and Early Childhood Development. So it's with this letter that I'm asking to be considered for the yearly scholarship that the program rewards each year. It would help me greatly with financial need and also with my transportation to and from school every day, as I will be commuting back and forth everyday because I am a full-time student. Once again your program really helped turn me around and I would be forever grateful to receive your scholarship!