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Nomination Letter

Tiffany Herms, Director
Austin/Travis Counties, TX

I have known Veronica Diaz for 7 years. I first met Veronica in 2002 when I was a youth mentor and she was my mentee. Austin/Travis County Advocate Program (ATCAP) had a summer program of which wa the Program Coordinator. I asked Veronica if she wanted to be a Junior Advocate. She accepted and did an outstanding job! She was very much a leader and a great Junior Advocate. Veronica completed the ATCAP program successfully with all her goals achieved. I continued contact with Veronica over the past 7 years and have helped her whenever she needed help.

Veronica is now 21 years old a mother of 2 beautiful children. Veronica asked me about 1 year ago what she should do for her future. We had a very long conversation and finally she figured out she wanted to go to college to become a Dental Assistant. I helped her find an appropriate school, Everest Institute. She enrolled in September 2008 and has done extremely well. The program is 9 months and she will graduate in June 2009.

I am requesting that Veronica please, please be considered for $1,000 tuition towards her education expense. Like I have stated before, Veronica is an outstanding young lady and I believe she will do extremely well in her future. Veronica wrote a letter expressing her experience with ATCAP, and her drive to excel in school. Please contact me if you have any questions.