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Nomination Letter

Beth McDaniel, Director
Berks County, PA

"Xenia is an 18 year old female diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. She resides in a local community with her maternal grandmother and brother. She has lived with her grandmother since 1999. She is in 11th grade at Governor Mifflin High School and was accepted into the Berks Career and Technology Center's culinary arts program this past fall. She enjoys music and played the flute for 3 years. She also enjoys writing. She does well in school and has been an active participant in her therapy since involved with YAP (11/05).

"Xenia cares greatly about her treatment and sees the positive impact it has had on her life. In the past she was depressed and suicidal. Since being involved with a BSC and MT she has come a long way. She has learned how to express her feelings of sadness and will turn to a staff member when she begins to feel overwhelmed. She has developed some excellent coping skills and strives to utilize them in every aspect of her life. When she turned 18 she was concerned that her services would end. This is very rare in an 18 year old teenager. Many of our clients are eager to have services end. Xenia, however, took it upon her own accord to decide to continue with her BSC and MT, which is very commendable.

"Xenia has plans to attend Reading Area Community College upon her graduation. She is extremely involved in her church and often volunteers for activities taking place there. Xenia is a bright young lady with great potential. The wonderful thing about Xenia is that she really cares about her treatment and her future. For these reasons we believe she would be a wonderful candidate for the scholarship."