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Employee Safety and Wellness

Your safety, and that of our families and broader communities, is of the utmost importance to YAP. That is why we include training on Safety in the BAT and as part of our orientation, it is why Safety Plans are part of the work we do with every family, and it's why we've had a national Safety Committee for nearly 10 years.

That being said, we believe that safety and wellness are areas that deserve continual attention, and we've prioritized deepening and expanding our work in this area. This page will provide updates on the steps taken thus far. 

Our goal is to make safety and wellness a part of our every day conversation and YAP culture. Your ideas and feedback are welcome and appreciated! 

Phone Apps for Safety

The Health and Safety Committee developed this INFORMATION SHEET outlining phone apps that staff can utilize as a safety tool.

  • Google Voice and Burner App will allow you create temporary phone numbers.
  • Circle of 6 is an app that lets you quickly contact 6 trusted contacts or let them know of your location when you're feeling unsafe.

Safety Survey Results

Carla Benway, YAP's Chief Strategy Officer, reports on the ongoing work of the Health and Safety Committee and initial findings from the Safety Survey.