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Basic Info

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Marketing Packets

Marketing packet orders are limited to 50.

Includes YAP Overview, YAP's Evidence Base, DMC, JJ, CW, BH, WFD, ASD and DD Fact Sheets

Includes Glen B and Patrick S Success, YAP Overview, Reentry letter, Reentry, Life Coach Outcomes, Transitional housing and life skills, Housing assistance, Meaningful Adult Lives, Supported Work (adult), and Transition Age Youth (adult)

Includes YAP Overview, BH, B2H (NY only), DD, ASD, and Wellness fact sheets

Includes YAP Overview, CW letter, CW fact sheet, Improving Families Publication, Improving Families Fact Sheet, Family Identification and Permanency Solutions, and Reunification Fact Sheet

Includes YAP Overview, DD, ASD Fact Sheets

Includes YAP overview, DMC, JJ letter, JJ, Supported work, Truancy, and Truancy Success Stories, YAP's Evidence Base, John Jay Issue Briefs

Includes YAP Overview, Truancy Fact Sheet, Truancy Success Stories, Truancy Letters of Rec

Individual Marketing Materials

--------- YAP General ---------

--------- Adult ---------

--------- Autism & Developmental Disabilities ---------

--------- Behavioral Health ---------

--------- Child Welfare ---------

--------- Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) ---------

--------- Employment ---------

--------- Evidence Base ---------

--------- Juvenile Justice ---------

--------- Policy & Advocacy Center ---------

--------- School ---------

--------- Substance Use ---------

--------- Transition Age Youth ---------

--------- Wellness ---------

--------- Special Issue ---------


Please also complete brochure instructions box.  This brochure is intended for marketing to potential and current RAs.  

View example

Program must provide spanish text to go on inside green panel that is specific to your program.  The rest of the template has already been translated into Spanish.

View example

Please also complete brochure instructions box.  This brochure is intended for youth and families upon entering program.  

View example

Please also complete brochure instructions box

View example

Please also complete brochure instructions box

Indicate program name, address, contact persons and/or services to be added to brochure. Or describe the type of custom brochure needed.

Business Cards

Indicate information to be included on card.  A draft business card will be sent to you for approval.  No cards will be printed until we receive approval.

ID Badges

Indicate the number of badges needed and complete badge instructions field. 

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Provide information for each badge requested:  Name, title, program name, program phone #.

Image files must be 2MB or less in size.  

Image files should be 2MB or less

Image files must be 2MB or less in size.  



Includes character, collaboration, commitment, communication, consistency, and cultivation cards

View example

Includes anniversary, birthday, kudos, misc, teamwork, thanks, thinking of you, and welcome cards

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Please also complete poster instructions box

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Indicate position title/details and contact info for poster

HR and Internal Docs


Can only be used for YAP headquarters address in Harrisburg.

Indicate address(es) to be included on envelope

Training Materials

ARC First Aid/CPR Training

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Basic Advocacy Training (BAT)

All topic areas listed below are Facilitator Activity Guides. There are no "participant workbooks" for this curriculum. Instead, the Facilitator Guides include worksheets you can copy at the local program for each activity.


All topic areas listed below are Facilitator Activity Guides. There are no "participant workbooks" for this curriculum. Instead, the Facilitator Guides include worksheets you can copy at the local program for each activity.


PA Training Materials


Your state must be licensed through YAP to provide PATTS before you can order these materials. Current licenses: AL, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, NJ, NV, NY, PA TX. To inquire about purchasing a license for your state, contact Carla Benway.

PowerPoints for parent and teacher presentations are available on TeamYAP SharePoint

Only individuals who have been trained in the Strengthening Families model may order these materials.


Package includes 1 YAPBook, 1 Worksheet book, 24 module guides and 24 opportunity advisor guides.

Promotional Items

** Promo items are limited to 100 items TOTAL for the whole order.  If you would like to order more that this amount, contact Josh Mumaw directly to place a bulk order. **

View Example Limit 25 per order

View Example
Limit 20 per order

Employee Recognition

Special Order / Instructions

List additional instructions and details for items ordered above.  Or, request a custom order (indicate whether the materials have already been developed or need to be developed).

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