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We know that you have many skills, talents and dreams, and we want you to have every opportunity to grow, develop and achieve!

To help support you in your endeavors, we have developed an Endowment fund to provide scholarships to current and former YAP youth and families who are pursuing post-secondary education or training. Whether your goal is college, truck driving school, business school or other practical endeavors, we will provide support through our scholarship program.

To be considered for a scholarship, contact your Advocate or anyone in your program office and tell them your goals. The advocate or staff member will tell you how to apply and will write a letter of recommendation for you. You will then need to write an essay explaining your goals, needs, how you got involved in YAP and your experiences while in the program. If you have already graduated from YAP but are interested, please contact Nan Davis at

Our staff found a glimmer of hope and a dime in their pockets to make the YAP Endowment Fund what it is today. Through the efforts of our staff across YAP's 22 states, we have raised monies through website donations, basket raffles, golf tournaments, car washes, walk-a-thons, carnivals, picnics, food/beverage sales, bottle drives, vending machines, coupon books, cookbooks, and apparel sales.

Let their efforts support you in your educational plans!

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