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IYAF History and Goals

Discover the catalyst for the formation of the IYAF through the voice of youth at the 2007 Conference “Invisible No More!”. Click to view the video of the conference where the IYAF was born.

International Youth Advocacy Federation

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The International Youth Advocacy Federation is a multinational consortium of like-minded organizations and individuals that directly partners with young people, promotes family and community advocacy and assists vulnerable young people and their families to lead safe and productive lives in their communities.  The IYAF maintains a dual focus on advocacy action and policy change.  


The IYAF envisions a world where all children and young people are safe and sheltered, experience emotional well-being and justice, have a powerful voice that is heard and can access opportunities to develop their full potential.  


The IYAF team presented at the 2012 National Association of Social Workers Restoring Hope:  The Power of Social Work Conference in Washington, DC in July to an audience of social work leaders from around the world.  The IYAF symposium "The Global Is Now Local:  International Youth Advocacy" traced the story of the international conference of youth and youth workers that led to the formation of the IYAF and the challenges encountered along the way.  The presenters described what led them to the founding of the IYAF, why it is important for social workers to collaborate on a global level and how the participants can become involved in the pursuit of a common vision of a more just world.
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Expanding our Impact: Organizing Youth Advocates Around the World

YAP co-founded and incubated a separate organization, the International Youth Advocacy Federation (IYAF). Encompassing groups from Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America, the IYAF works to develop strong leadership skills in youth and then amplify those youth voices within the IYAF network to further sustainable development and improved policies for youth and families. The IYAF welcomes new members, both frontline workers from the international community and local partners who want to gain knowledge on how to participate as a global citizen and be part of a synergy to restore hope for a more just world.