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Wraparound is an intensive, individualized, holistic care planning and management approach to working with high and complex need youth and families from within their homes and communities. It is deeply rooted in the principle of family “voice and choice”- meaning the family’s perspectives and preferences drive services from start to end. Wraparound principles also emphasize the importance of individualized, culturally competent and strength-based services that engage natural supports and occur within the community.

YAP has developed a planning and care management approach to working with youth and families deeply rooted in the above concepts of wraparound. From the moment we first meet a family through their completion of our programs, families are empowered as equal partners, and services are tailored to their unique needs, strengths, interests and preferences.

YAP’s planning process has three components: assessment, a family team meeting, and plan development. Within 48 hours of referral, YAP staff reach out to families to begin our strength-based assessment process. During this time, we introduce ourselves and the program, and learn more about the family through discussion and 4 assessment tools. We also spend time identifying and addressing any immediate safety concerns.

Our assessment process empowers youth and families to express their needs, to identify what resources and capacities they have that can assist them, and to identify where there are gaps and how, in fact, we can help them to help themselves. We also reach out to other important stakeholders in the family’s life to learn their perspective on the family’s need and strengths.

Upon completion of the assessment process, we gather a team- both formal system and service-driven supports as well as informal supports, such as extended family, friends, coaches, pastors, etc.- to work together with the family to identify the family’s needs and strengths and develop a plan that clearly identifies and prioritizes the needs and how the team will work with the family to meet them. It is also during this meeting that we develop a thorough safety plan.

After the meeting, we develop an individualized service plan that is distributed with all team members and becomes the basis of our work with the family. The plan is frequently reviewed and revised to assess progress and also to include any needs.

In 2011-2012, YAP worked with high fidelity wraparound experts Vroon Vandenberg LTD to strengthen our wraparound practices. As a result, 150 staff competencies were defined to guide our work with families throughout services. These competencies are being incorporated into employee training and observations and documentation reviews to help promote model fidelity.