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Child Welfare Services   Fact Sheet

YAP delivers individualized direct services to families involved in the child welfare system that focus on safety, build on strengths, help to overcome challenges and navigate complicated systems, and most importantly, develop positive connections to the community that are critical for long-term success.

YAP continually tailors services to meet existing and emerging needs of youth and families being served within the child welfare system, but most of our programming is designed for the purposes below.

Minimize Need for Placements through:

  • Early Intervention with Parental Engagement and Support
  • Intervention with Families that Have Chronic and Long Standing Needs
  • Stabilization and Support of Birth, Foster and Adoptive Placements in Crisis

Expedite Permanency through:

  • Expedited Family Reunification
  • Supervised and Supported Family and Community Reentry
  • Recruitment of Permanent Family Resources as Needed

Maximize Successful Independence through:

  • Planning and Implementing Aging Out Transitional Services

Further, YAP has helped jurisdictions meet the needs of specific populations within their system such as:

YAP provides community-based programs that successfully maintain youth in the community or expedite their return to the community.

Improving Families Program:
We provide intensive in-home interventions to families at imminent risk of losing their children to out-of-home placement, or to help swiftly return children to their home. Much of the work in this program is focused on supporting the parent(s) in developing effective parenting and life skills, positive community connections, and supporting a healthy attachment and bond with their children. Additionally, our programming is tailored to the developmental needs of the children in being served.   Fact Sheet

Family Identification and Permanency Solutions:
YAP finds permanent resources for youth lingering in care without a viable discharge resource. We work closely with the youth and referring authority to make positive, permanent connections with extended family or other caring adults from the youth’s past.    Fact Sheet

Reunification Program:
YAP works to safely reunify families who have children in residential or other out-of-home placement. Beginning while the youth is still in placement, YAP works with the youth, the family, the placement and the referring authority to develop a comprehensive plan that is implemented prior to the youth’s return home. Immediately upon release, intensive in-home services available 24/7 occur to ensure safety, facilitate smooth transition home, and position the family for long-term success.   Fact Sheet

Substance Use Recovery:
YAP’s Child Welfare Recovery model blends the wraparound planning, case management, mentoring and positive youth development with an additional emphasis on recovery. Fact Sheet

Transition Age Youth:
Our program specializes in preparing young people for adulthood, focusing on permanency, education, vocational goals, mental health and substance abuse issues. Fact Sheet

In 2012, YAP worked with 3,475 families involved with the child welfare system.

  • 70% of YAP youth are youth of color
  • 74% of YAP youth are aged 13 or older
  • 90% of YAP youth were living within a home setting at discharge.
  • 98% of families served through “Improving Families” remained safely intact upon discharge
  • 82% of families served through our “Reunification Services” remain safely intact upon discharge

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