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The student internship program at Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. has two purposes:

  1. To provide a positive experiential learning experience for aspiring professionals seeking to enter the social service or business field. It provides the opportunity to reality test skills, ideas, expectations, and goals.
  2. To assist YAP, Inc. in achieving our goals in providing the most effective and efficient services to our youth and families.

As students are provided most of their education through the classroom, it is the philosophy of YAP, Inc. that the primary process for learning in an internship should be through direct experience. Therefore, students doing an internship at YAP, Inc. are given a great deal of responsibility and, where applicable, contact with the agency clientele. This varies according to program assignment, educational program and the amount of time the student has available for an internship.

For more information about Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. and our intern opportunities and policy, please review the YAP Intern Manual and YAP Internship Policies, or contact

Interning with YAP

College Senior John Salcedo got firsthand experience in working with juvenile justice involved youth in Lebanon, PA through Lebanon County YAP’s partnership with Lebanon Valley College (LVC) that allowed 20 LVC students to work directly with YAP involved youth in a variety of community give-back projects through their Sociology Senior Seminar. Unlike his fellow students, John found himself in very familiar territory. Familiar not just because John himself was involved in the juvenile justice system just 4 years ago as a high school senior, but because he successfully navigated through his juvenile justice experience with the support of YAP in his home county of York, PA.

“YAP matched me up with people I was familiar with from my neighborhood, who understood what I was going through” says John.

John’s role will soon expand with YAP as he begins his internship where John will have the opportunity to work with young people as their Advocate.

“John has a tremendous understanding of the challenges of life, empathy for persons in all situations and the strength to make his life what he wants it to be. He will go far in whatever he chooses to do,” according to Dr. Sharon Arnold, Sociology Chair at LVC.

“This gives me an opportunity to take advantage of experiences I have gone through,” says John. “I anticipate success with kids. I don’t see them as juvenile delinquents. I just see them as kids who need support.”