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Nomination Letter

Sheldon Reichstein, Director
Harris County, TX

This letter is written on behalf of Britney Bruno. Britney was enrolled in the Harris County Advocate Program from October 9, 2003 to August 19, 2004. During her tenure in the program she attended and successfully completed Anger Management education classes through our program and substance abuse support groups through Narcotics Anonymous. In addition to attending the aforementioned, Britney also obtained a job and worked 25-30 hours per week, from December of 2003 until her discharge from the program. She was a full-time student at Langham Creek High School in the 11th grade and attended on a regularl basis.

I have become aware that Ms. Bruno is working on a degree in nursing at this time. Based on Ms. Bruno's great work with the Youth Advocate Program and her accomplishments with her personal life, shcool and employment, I recommend that she be granted an endowment scholarship through the Youth Advocate Program.

Scholarship Essay

Britney Bruno

What does the Endowment Scholarship mean to me? In a broad glance, the scholarship will give me a fulfilled, successful and accomplished future. It will give me a fulfilled, successful and accomplished future. It will help me continue my education, which I currently cannot, for financial reasons.

I was introduced to the Youth Advocate Program in September of 2003. The program assigned Lupita Rodriguez as my advocate. Lupita is intelligent, with high morals, great goal setting skills, and an accomplished person. Through our journey in the program, we grew past an advocate and client type relationship, to become friends. Being influenced by a person with such attributes was beneficial to me. She showed me the rewards of dedication, hard work and a positive attitude. Without the program I would never have met Lupita and learned skills to help myself evolve into a better, more productive member of society. The program has had a ripple effect on my life centering around my time spent with Lupita.

I am currently a student at Lonestar College; with my goal to obtain an Associate of Applied Science/Nursing degree. I would love to be a nurse for many reasons. I have found that helping people is not only my niche, but very rewarding as well. After graduation I plan to work in the neo-natal unit of a hospital. Continuing my education is not only for my future, but to instill in me the qualities I need in life. I am driven, persistent and apply that to all areas of my life.

I know I am the best candidate for the scholarship. My qualifications include passion, motivation, ambition, drive, determination and the will to achieve the goals I've outlined for my future. If I were chosen as the recipient of the endowment scholarship, I would complete my nursing program and my most sincere gratitute would go out to the program for helping me complete a chapter of my life. In conclusion, I would like to be considered for the endowment scholarship.