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Scholarship Essay

Katelyn Crim

I've been in your program for almost 6 months. During the time I've been with your program I have accomplished a number of things. Besides the fact that I have grown so much as a young woman through the help of your wonderful staff, I have also begun to plan and work on my future.
When I first started working with the Youth Advocate Program, I was very skeptical on getting into college and making something of myself. But now, realizing how much I have already accomplished makes me want to keep striving forward.

Although I am not completely positive on what I want to major in, I do have a pretty good idea. I would like to take my first two years, basic core classes, at ACC then transfer to Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, TX. I have always dreamt of studying the ocean and its marine life and now, because of the Youth Advocate Programs and their staff, I can now fulfill my dreams.

I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for being in this program. Without the help of my mentor, Erica Moreno, I never would have gotten the courage to kick my life into gear. Because of Erica, I am now ready to face any obstacle that is thrown my way, without hesitating. She is such a strong person and I really look up to her.

I thank you for the opportunity of being able to apply for the endowment scholarship. I will use the scholarship strictly for my educational purpose.

Nomination Letter

Erica Moreno

I've been mentoring for Austin Youth Advocacy Program for two years. I have seen many youth take different paths in our program, such as getting put in a placement facility or successfully completing our program. Katelyn Crim was referred to our program June 24, 2011. I started working with her shortly after that.

Katelyn was referred to our program by the Juvenile Probation Department in Williamson County. Katelyn struggled with issues that got her the consequences of probation and mentoring services.

Although Katelyn struggled with issues, she has managed to take the path that has led her to great goals. In August 2011, Katelyn got a job at a dog grooming and boarding facility. However due to a dog getting out of his kennel during her shift in November 2011, the owners of the facility felt it was in their best interest to let Katelyn go from their facility. They told Katelyn if she needed a referral from them for another employment opportunity they would be happy to provide that for Katelyn. The very next day Katelyn went out searching for another employment opportunity. Katelyn did pay her own probation fees when she was employed.

November 1-30, filled out admissions information, got entry pre-testing packet for testing for college entry and started financial aid packet.

December 5th, 2011 Katelyn has successfully and officially completed her probation.

December 7th, 2011 Katelyn received a waiver from financial aid department for testing for entry at Austin Community College.

Since her time with the Youth Advocate Program, Katelyn has manage to transition from a Juvenile Academy to home, enroll at a local college and apply for financial aid, seek employment and accept herself with confidence as a leader.

I have seen Katelyn grow as a young brilliant, inspiring and energetic individual. I see nothing but successful goals that she may obtain at her reach. Katelyn is the perfect candidate for Endowment Fund Scholarship.