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Scholarship Essay 2014


I am currently enrolled as a student in Northampton Community College. My major is in Biological Science. I plan to finish my two year degree at Northampton and transfer to a four year college. With the Biological Science degree I plan to become a Physician Assistant or possibly a Physical Therapist. Either one would create a good life for me. I have chosen to focus on the medical field because it is the only field with constant demands for doctors, nurses, etc. My current GPA is a 3.00. My grades are well, and my ambitions are high.

The money I use is for school supplies only. I use it for books and other course needs. Whatever money is left over I save towards my tuition. Sometimes financial aid does not cover my whole tuition. I am a full time student at Northampton. I register for four classes each semester. I hope to take classes during the summer time as well. If I take summer classes it will only put me ahead. The more I get done the less time there will be to waste. Again, my ambitions are high. I have a plan for the way I want my life to be, the only way it works is with a good education and job. I want to be able to support myself without any struggle. My education is the only key that will help me unlock the next door. I will turn my dreams into a reality. With hard work and help of others, I will succeed.

Scholarship Essay 2013


When I first started this program, I was in the 7th grade.  I am now graduated and on my way to college.  Truth is I never would have gotten this far without the support of this program.  It's helped me through a lot.  It was a long journey with many holes in it.  No matter how much I fell into those holes, someone was always there to help me climb out of it.  This program has helped me grow into the young woman I am now.

I learned that the choices I make shouldn't be based on emotion but based on what's best for myself.  It was my life and eventually I realized that the only person who was going to get hurt in the end was me.  Of course I didn't want that.  Slowly but surely I began to learn how to cope with the stress and how to separate that stress from my education.  It was hard, but I had the support I needed.  It wasn't easy either, but as I went on, it got easier.  I realized that if I wanted to make something of myself, I had to work for it.

It's an experience I would never forget.  I wouldn't change it, because without that experience, I wouldn't have the knowledge I have now.  This program has opened many doors for me.  It was like the second change every one wishes they could have.  I am extremely grateful for this program and the outstanding support it's given me.

Nomination Letter 2013

Latifa came to us in 2008. She worked the program and made considerable improvement at the end of her first year. While in the process of discharging her, she underwent a traumatic event and regressed to the point where she was hospitalized. It took years for Latifa to fight her way back from this event and to stabilize her many mental health/family challenges.

Latifa slowly learned how to manage her emotions, develop problem solving skills, social skills, independence skills, and to manage her life in the face of adversity. Latifa made many negative and disruptive choices in her life, however, her resiliency, YAP's support as well as many of her teachers who were instrumental in her life, helped her to achieve academic as well as personal success. 

Three months before Latifa was supposed to graduate she began sabotaging herself. I often see this with students I work with when they are unable to face the uncertainty in life and their fear becomes overwhelming. They aren't always ready to make the transition and leave behind the supports and connections they have made, especially the connections. Fortunately, Latifa was again able to become aware of what she was doing and to work through it by utilizing the skills she had painstakingly worked to gain.

Latifa has an incredible personality and an even better smile. She has struggled for many years and will likely struggle again in life, as we often do. However, at this point, I believe she has a bag of tools that will help her face these challenges.

Latifa has been accepted to Northampton Community College and will be pursuing a degree in nursing. She will begin classes January, 2013.