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Scholarship Essay

Mae Ellen Brothers

Youth Advocate Program (YAP) has been a major asset towards my family's growth plus mine and my children's success. YAP has provided my children with opportunities that I would not have had access to without their services. My son has gained knowledge from attending the SWEET program teaching him responsibility, independence, and guidance in decision making. The dedication from my boys' advocates, Ken and Jason, made a world of difference in their attitudes and interests in pursuing college in the future. The motivation they provided my children to set future goals for themselves was inspiring. 

The struggles and sacrifices that we have faced as a family have been trying at times. Being a single mother of four children and attempting to better my life along with being able to provide for my children has been a task that has been a bit defeating at times. As a mother you always want to provide them with the best of everything, when you are faced with many trying times, and your kids are exposed to situations that impact them it is not easy to rebuild what seems to be so broken. My decision to go back to school to better my life was done to set an example for my children, and for myself. My family has sacrificed in many areas to allow me to return to school. Most of all it is the family time, and the little things like driving them to school in the past, but they now walk as it saves money on gas. There have also been limits put on birthdays, Christmas, and vacations. 

So, as I return to school these sacrifices have impacted many areas of our life as a family, but my kids are respectful of my decisions and supportive of my actions. I feel that setting the example of no matter what life has thrown at you or what one has endured it is clearly an asset to all of us. I feel that my children will know that at any point in your life you can turn things around and make it what you want it to be. 

With the help of YAP setting examples and being positive role models in my children's lives it has aided in the success of continuing my education. Since returning to school I have gained self confidence in my abilities. The encouragement I have received has helped me to achieve good grades that have enabled me to make the Dean's List, and most recently the President's list which requires you to maintain a 3.75 GPA for the semester. I also have become active in the Student Senate, Student Leadership, and the Human Services Club as I am committed to setting future goals to give back to the community upon my completion of my degree in Human Services with certification in Drug & Alcohol Counseling. Being considered for the endowment fund could help my family and me tremendously. Thank you for your time and response to this letter.

Nomination Letter

Kasey Young
Director, Clinton County YAP

Please consider this a recommendation for Mae Ellen-Brothers for a YAP Endowment scholarship. Clinton County NY Youth Advocate Program has worked with Mae and her family in the past year and has really seen the family improve and make better choices for themselves. Mae and her family are no longer involved with YAP as they made positive strides towards their personal and family goals.

Currently Mae is attending college at Clinton Community College for drug and alcohol counseling. She has been there a year and is doing well. Mae not only goes to class, does her homework, raise four kids, support herself but she also volunteers her time and is part of some groups and boards at the college itself. I often joke with Mae that I do not know when Mae has time to sleep with everything she does, and I believe some nights she may not. Mae is up until three or four in the morning doing homework and studying so she can do the best in all of her classes.

Mae is a positive role model and a huge inspiration to her children. Mae has children in high school, middle school, and elementary. All four of her children are learning directly from their mother that hard work pays off and to reach for your goals, no matter how out of reach they seem.

Mae plans to further her education by looking into getting her bachelor's degree. Mae would like to obtain a degree in a social work area in order to help others.

Mae is not only a huge inspiration to her children; she is a huge inspiration to others as well. She is teaching everyone that it can be done, no matter what obstacles need to be jumped over going back to college can be done. Mae is striving to live her dream.

Mae was a recipient of the Endowment Scholarship last year. Mae would benefit from the YAP scholarship this year in order to help her financially with the burden of college expenses. Mae often takes on the financial piece of college on her own and makes it a priority, in the past year she has chosen to shut off her cable and internet just to make sure other needs are met first. Mae is selfless and working hard to make a good future for her and her family.

Please consider Mae for the Endowment Scholarship this year through the Youth Advocate Program as she is a hard working mother who is trying to live her dream.