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Scholarship Essay

Taylor teRiele

Taylor (l) with Brandi JonesI am currently enrolled at Suny Canton as a full-time student, majoring in pre-nursing. YAP has helped me attain my goals by helping me to stay on track and complete my community service. If I would not have completed my community service, I would not be here at college.

Throughout my high school years I struggled with school and staying on task. I never thought I would see graduation day. But here I am a freshman at college with so many goals. I struggled with respecting authority, waking up in the early mornings, and actually spending a full day at school. I got put on probation and suddenly school meant everything to me. I tried my hardest and actually completed something. Then I got to work with the advocates at YAP and they really pushed me to get my community service done so I could be free and clear with probation and go on with my college life. I achieved a lot of things this past year. I graduated high school, something my parents or I never saw happening. I also earned a certified nursing assistant license so I can work at the nursing homes with the elderly. This was a pretty big accomplishment to me because it's the first step in my nursing career. I also bought my own car. The biggest thing I think I achieved is being at college, a place I never thought I would be.

My lifetime goals are to graduate from Suny Canton in three years with an associate's degree in nursing. I want to be a registered nurse, and hopefully get a job as a school nurse at Heuvelton where I graduated. I want to work at the school with the children because I never appreciated my time there. If the school nursing job doesn't work out I would always want to be a nurse in the obstetrics unit. There are so many different opportunities in the nursing field, and any one of them could be mine.

Nomination Letter

Brandi Jones, Assistant Director
St. Lawrence County,  NY

Taylor came into our PEP program several months ago under the supervision of probation; she needed seventy-five (75) hours of community service completed before leaving for college. Upon intake we had a little less than two months to complete this goal. Both Taylor and I knew this was a lot to undertake. However, since then, she has exhibited a drive and willingness to achieve her goals and despite many obstacles, Taylor has persevered and moved on, gaining strength with every step forward, and for this I am very proud of her.

During our short time together at YAP, I have seen Taylor grow. Taylor utilized community supports in completing her requirements from probation. In fact, her probation officer told me that she is more than satisfied with the progress that Taylor has made and has even agreed to decrease her community service hours and let her case 'expire,' thereby freeing her from the constraints of probation and allowing her to go forward and create her own future.

Taylor is extremely bright and focused on her goals. It has sincerely been my pleasure working with her and I wish her only the best because that is what she deserves.