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William Jarrett Essay

The Youth Advocate Program has helped me overcome many issues that I have had throughout the years that they have helped me.

 I have been able to communicate how I feel better thanks to TSS and MT that have come to my house. I used to lash out and not take any responsibility for what I said. I have learned to better control my anger and even avoid getting angry at things that would have gotten me upset in the past. Due to them explaining people's thought processes to me and helping me put myself in their shoes. They have helped me how to process my anger at other people into speech rather than into hitting walls.

They have taught me how to better organize and clean my room even though sometimes it does not look like it. They have also taught me how to speak up when I need help with just about anything.

I don't have the best relationship with my dad. Whenever I went on visitations with my dad I would always become upset with my mother over even the littlest things I would yell scream and I even put many holes into the walls of my room. Both my BSC and my MT helped me to get to the root of the problem of my relationship of me and my dad and his girlfriend. It was mostly the way that my mom and dad would go back and forth insulting one another and trying to make me choose one or the other that caused me this upset. They have taught me to avoid it and ignore it because there is no way that they will change and it's the best thing that I can do to have a healthy relationship with both my mom and my dad.

The only one left from a case right now is my mobile therapist who is helping me with my transition to NCC. She is also helping me with many different social aspects of my life including on how to better communicate with my friends.

William Jarrett Nomination Letter

Deanna Moerer, LSW

I am writing a letter of support for William Jarrett for the Endowment fund.

I have had a long standing relationship with the Jarrett family for 13 years. I began as their MT but soon transitioned to Asst. Director. I am now back in the field working as their MT once again.

I have watched this family throughout the years through the good and bad times and this is one of the most resilient families I have ever known. They also work the program ethically and diligently so that they can become as independent in adult life as possible.

Willy is diagnosed with Asperger's DO. When I began working with him, this last go around, he was full of anger, hitting walls, people and anything he could to release his anger. He has limited social skills, no problem solving skills and almost no ability to identify emotions let alone understand the feelings of others (perspective taking).

Throughout our sessions, Willy learned to express his feelings through words rather than actions, understand his emotions and the emotions of others and is able to problem solve most situations. He has become more independent and is now ready to transition to college.

Willy has been cyber schooled for many years due to bullying in his school. Despite his diagnosis and learning disabilities he graduated on time and has now been accepted to Northampton Community College. He will begin with General Studies and hopes to transfer into the Vet Tech program. His ultimate goal is to become a Veterinarian.

Thank you for your consideration.