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Welcome to the ASSET Network!

ASSET stands for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Services, Supports, Education and Training.  We believe the name not only describes our work, but it also promotes a quintessential aspect of our approach to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities: The way we think about and define the people we serve defines us.

The YAP difference is not just in WHAT we do but in HOW we do it! YAP worked with self-advocates and families we serve to develop “10 Best Practices,” on which all staff are trained. Our Best Practices are based on the understanding that:

  • Disability is a natural part of the human condition, and people with disabilities are an asset to their communities!
  • Relationships and inclusion are essential to development and quality of life.  Learn more.
  • Behavior is communication, and requires us to listen, support, and make decisions as a team. Learn more: English or Spanish.

We invite you to explore our resources and learn more about us and our work.  We also invite you to strengthen our Network through your own action!  Here are some ways you can contribute to our movement:

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  • Share your thoughts, questions, resources, artwork or ideas.
  • Attend YAP trainings.
  • Share our publications with others.
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  • Advocate for policies that promote inclusion and full community integration.
  • Be an Ambassador in your community by modeling and promoting our philosophy with others.

Our Beliefs and Approach

People with autism and other developmental disabilities are:
  • Capable and intelligent
  • Family, friends, colleagues, and citizens
  • An ASSET to their families, schools, jobs, and communities
Autism and other developmental disabilities are:
  • Natural aspects of human diversity
  • Likely to involve movement and sensory challenges and adaptations
  • Understandable based on common human experiences
Our trainings on DD/ASD are:
  • Respectful, clear, and action-oriented
  • Based on the power of relationships, inclusion, and positive approaches
  • Uniting the best new research with the experiences and insights of self-advocates dedicated to helping people understand and develop accommodations through understanding sensory and movement issues
Network News
ASSET Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities with the opportunities and skills to develop independence, contribute to society and be valued assets to their communities.

Network Voices

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