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We value our relationships with youth, families and referring entities and therefore take our work very seriously. YAP is committed to providing ethical and high quality services, and we continually seek opportunities to improve. As such, we structure ourselves with systems and practices that set forth guidelines that can be monitored, corrected and/or revised as needed.

Our Commitment to Integrity Compliance

YAP provides community based services with funding derived from State and Federal governmental entities. As a result of the source of our funding and as a commitment to those we serve, we adhere to a comprehensive Integrity Compliance Program. Our Compliance Program applies to, and is mandatory for, officers, directors, employees, consultants, vendors, and any person or entity representing Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. Within this section of the website, you will find compliance documents that provide guidance for strictly adhering to our Compliance Program.

Integrity Compliance Plan (ICP) is a document which states YAP, Inc.'s commitment to preventing fraud, abuse and waste while furthering our fundamental mission: serving youth and families in their communities. The plan outlines what is expected of employees to assist in maintaining the agency's high standards of excellence.

Our Commitment to Performance and Quality Improvement

We take pride in our approach to working with youth and families. At the same time, we recognize the importance of ensuring model fidelity while also continuing to adapt and improve our model based on the changing needs of our youth, families and referring authorities and what we learn through working with them. YAP’s Performance and Quality Improvement Department (PQI) serves a number of functions designed to position us to learn from and improve our services in a timely, ongoing manner.

Outcome Measurement: Every youth and family we work with is unique, but they all come to YAP with high risk and need in key life areas, such as residence and education among others. Over 40 years of success stories tell us that our youth and families achieve good outcomes in these areas, yet we recognize that stories are not enough. Measuring outcomes provides us with the opportunity to verify what we know with actual data; it further helps us to identify programs that might need additional coaching and support in our model to improve their outcomes. YAP has utilized entry and discharge surveys to measure change in youth living, legal, educational and vocational situations since 2005. In 2010, we expanded the process to include measurement at three, six and 12 months after discharge. Additional surveys to measure outcomes of specific populations are currently under development. For more on our outcomes, click here.

In addition to internal outcomes measurement, researchers from The John Jay Institute for Juvenile Justice, The State University of New York at Albany and The University of Texas – San Antonio are currently studying several of our programs to determine, among other things, how well we match our youth and families with our advocates, how those matches affect outcomes, and how our outcomes compare to those of youth and families that don’t receive YAP service. We look forward to the results of these studies and how what we learn from them can further improve the quality of our service.

Monitoring Department: YAP contracts with independent monitors to help us ensure that we are living up to our quality standards. These monitors call families each month to ensure that our staff are accurately documenting their work. When families are not reached by phone, YAP sends self-addressed stamped letters that assess the same information. Monitors further assess family satisfaction with staff and their child’s progress. For more information on our Monitoring procedures, click here.

To learn more about our PQI Plan, please click here.

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