The Extra Mile Payroll Deduction

The YAP family respectfully requests your attention to three very important extra efforts aimed toward the village, if not the global village, in the care and nurturing of children. It has been noted that if every active employee donated just one dollar a week, we could collectively raise over $100,000 for these worthy causes annually.

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  • Be sure to check your paystub to confirm that the desired amount is being deducted.
Tom Jeffers Endowment Fund for Continuing Education
YAP established the Endowment Fund as an additional tool to support our youths’ and families’ hopes and dreams of pursuing college or vocational schools to advance their career goals and economic opportunities. The Endowment, named after YAP founder Tom Jeffers, began awarding scholarships in 2007. Supported largely by YAP employees, the fund has raised more than $1 million and awarded close to 200 scholarships.

Scholarships can be used for tuition, but also for concrete needs. For example, we have paid for books, bought cutlery for a recipient going to culinary school, paid for tools and a tool box for a student learning a trade, and purchased a computer for a student. Scholarship amounts are around $1000 and recipients can re-apply annually.

Visit our Endowment Fund page to learn more and meet our scholarship recipients. For more information on how to nominate a youth for a scholarship, click here.

Guatemala: Planting the Seeds of Change
For over 20 years, YAP has advocated for “street kids” and the youth outreach workers who are brave enough to work with them in spite of risk of harm from the police for doing this work. The most marginalized kids in Guatemala, the crime of thousands of homeless Guatemalan children is simply that they exist. They are considered despicable pests, not human beings in need. YAP and the outreach workers you support by going the Extra Mile think differently.

Now that work has expanded to support not only “street kids” but families subsisting on what can be picked from the city dump. A coalition of grassroots organizations, business owners, youth advocates and concerned community members is working with YAP to expand the reach of your Extra Mile dollars, creating a greater impact by working in partnership, “stronger together." Your show of solidarity and support means biographies and communities are being changed on some of the meanest streets in the Western Hemisphere.

Sierra Leone: Rebuilding a Nation, One Biography at a Time
Sierra Leone suffered from a civil war instigated by the Rebel United Front (RUF) mainly over “blood” diamonds. The war lasted ten years and terrorized a nation as the RUF forced young men and boys into combat and attacked villages throughout Sierra Leone, devastating the country. At war’s end, Sanusi Kargbo, a native of Sierra Leone and New Jersey YAP Advocate, returned home and took the YAP principles to youth and former child soldiers living in refugee camps in the capital city of Freetown.

Sierra Leone YAP (SLYAP) now serves youth in Freetown and in the village of Mile 91, a crossroads and area hit particularly hard during the war. SLYAP Advocates assist youth and families with education, employment and training. Mile 91 services are anchored at the Thomas L. Jeffers Youth Centre. SLYAP services have expanded to address public health issues, sexual violence towards girls and women, the psychological effects of sustained trauma, and the need to create jobs and economic opportunities for its young. Your contribution supports the daily work done in Freetown and Mile 91 and gives you the opportunity to be part of a rebuilding of a nation, one biography at a time.
Employee Payroll Deduction Form
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