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Core Principles

Interventions and goals are tailored to each youth and family's unique needs, strengths and interests
Staff share interests and other attributes, such as language, with families. All staff demonstrate commitment to learning and honoring each family's culture, history, experience and preferences.
The unit of intervention is the entire family. Families are co-designers of their own services and are invested in having the plan succeed (ACCESS, VOICE, and OWNERSHIP). Staff work with families in achieving their goals as opposed to doing things for them.
Intervention and Service Plans build on youth, family and community strengths to address deficits and weaknesses.
A team of professional and non-professional individuals who care about the youth and family work together in helping the family achieve their goals. YAP works with all team members to ensure that all team members contribute in a meaningful way to helping the family achieve their goals.
Community-Based Care: Supportive persons and associations are organized on behalf of the family from within the community. These are both formal (professional/system) and informal (natural) supports.
Staff show consistent positive regard for families despite resistance or non-compliance. Staff maintain a "never give up" approach with all youth.
Staff identify with youth and families a way for them to contribute to their community through building upon their strengths and interests.
Staff maintain professional relationships with youth and families and other systems. Staff report accurate hours and maintain ethical practice.

YAP partners with families to move them from where they are to where they want to be by providing intensive, unconditional support through our YAP Wrap model. Our model is comprehensive and holistic, utilizing best practices and core principles found in the wraparound, mentoring, restorative justice and positive youth development fields.

YAP works with families to increase their ability to self-manage and safely problem-solve their needs; develops their competencies and skills; and simultaneously builds their network of community support. Our approach is strength-based and focuses on meeting needs and replacing challenges with positive, pro-social activities and supports.

We specialize in engaging system involved youth and families, balancing mandates and other system requirements with youth and family “voice and choice:" empowering them to have a say in their plan and giving them meaningful choices.

The central tenets of our delivery model:

  • A No Eject, No Reject Policy: No youth or family will be refused services because of their needs or history, and no family will be ejected from services because of challenges or difficulties.
  • Individualized Plans: Each plan is based on the family’s unique needs, strengths, culture and preferences.
  • Family Focused: Parents/Carers are engaged as partners in their services, and support is offered to help them meet their needs and goals, too.
  • Strength Based: We look at what strengths and assets kids and families have and seek to build upon them.
  • Neighborhood Based Recruitment: We recruit staff who live in the same communities as the families we serve, thus promoting true cultural competence.

YAP spends individual time with each youth and family and their team of professional and non-professional supports to develop a plan that identifies the youth and family’s strengths, assets, challenges and needs. The plan is then implemented with the support of paid, trained and supervised community “Advocates."

The "how" of what we do will vary with each youth we work with because our plans are individualized. But overall, what we do is simple: we do whatever it takes.