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Guided by the principles of respect, cooperation and solidarity, the street soccer movement is active in 50 countries and uses soccer to teach mediation and peace-building skills to young people living in vulnerable situations, particularly gang-affiliated youth.

Because of soccer’s international popularity, the sport can be an effective tool of social inclusion. Street soccer teaches young people how to make important decisions, cultivates leadership and promotes collaboration with others.

The street soccer movement aims to defend the rights of children, encourages positive youth development and promotes a culture of peace.

Contact Jason Wilson at or Diana Matteson at to learn more.  

  • "With street soccer, our youth can learn leadership skills, improve their negotiating skills, improve how they engage with others.”

    Street Soccer Training Participant

  • "Street Soccer has the potential to build bridges."

    Street Soccer Training Participant

  • "The biggest benefit I can see is how street soccer builds community and provides support systems that our families so desperately need."

    Street Soccer Training Participant