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Transition Age Youth Services

Transition Age Youth are young people, ages 16 to 24, who are at high risk of not successfully transitioning into independent adulthood due to the complexity of their needs, the many challenges they face, and the lack of a support system to assist them.

This includes the millions of American youth and young adults who are annually aging out of the foster care system, leaving psychiatric hospitals or adult or juvenile correctional facilities, ‘Opportunity Youth’ disconnected from school and employment, homeless youth, and other vulnerable young people.

YAP views transition age youth as “at promise,” or full of potential that needs to be cultivated, supported and enabled through purposeful efforts that create opportunities, meet needs, and to develop meaningful, relevant skills and supports. YAP’s Transition Age Youth model builds from our core YAPWrap model, which blends wraparound planning, case management, mentoring and positive youth development, with two approaches rooted in research to best position YAP to activate the “at-promise” potential of youth and young adults.