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Since our first Behavioral Health program in York, Pennsylvania in 1996, YAP has offered families and referring entities a community-based program of care that demonstrates a unique ability to adhere to government regulation while providing family-friendly services.

YAP contracts with county mental health systems, Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s), and private insurers to provide both fee for service and case rate Medicaid services.

In addition to providing quality services to children and youth with various mental health challenges, YAP specializes in working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, cross-system youth, and youth who have experienced trauma.

The programs follow YAP’s guiding principles, which include a “no reject, no eject” policy and an optimistic “never give up approach” and infuse person-centered planning, wraparound and family empowerment with other evidence-based interventions tailored to the youth and family’s specific needs.

Outpatient Services:
Services in our outpatient setting provide the full array of behavioral health services mentioned above with the addition of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists. Psychological and Psychiatric evaluations are conducted and detailed assessments completed. Psychiatric services also include medication management when needed.

In-Home and School-based Services:
We provide intensive individualized service to children in their homes, school and community through our Behavioral Health Services. Though each youth’s plan is different, YAP works to build upon the existing strengths of the child and family; develop the young person and family’s skills in self-managing areas of need; and connect the family to professional and informal resources in their community that provide support beyond program involvement as needed and desired by the family.   Fact Sheet

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)/Day Treatment:
IOP services are different from residential inpatient rehab programs and partial hospitalization programs in that treatment is generally part-time.  However, the intensive outpatient program is far more comprehensive than traditional outpatient programs that only consist of a few therapy sessions.  The IOP consists of numerous weekly therapy sessions at YAP's outpatient facility with experienced counselors (trained in addictions, eating disorders, etc.). These types of programs can be voluntary or imposed by a court.
Annually, YAP provides 2,276 kids and families with mental health services.