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Since 1997, YAP has been working with children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. We have worked with self-advocates and their families, as well as experts from various professional backgrounds, to develop a model for working with individuals with developmental disabilities and spectrum disorders that focuses on the importance of relationships, meaningful decision-making, self-determination and inclusion.

We serve individuals with developmental difference through relationships that foster inclusion by:

  • Presuming Capacity: Acting and communicating based upon a belief in intellectual competence.
  • Focusing on Prevention, Not Intervention: Accommodating and respecting variations in sensory sensitivities, communication, and movement and learning styles.
  • Instilling Self-Advocacy: Promoting independence by fostering the skills, confidence and awareness that leads to a lifetime of success.

Our commitment and advocacy has extended beyond just direct service delivery into the development of the The ASSET Network. The ASSET Network promotes our philosophy and best practices for supporting individuals with differences through direct services, but also through a series of other supports that extend to the general community.  

YAP offers a number of services and programs to support children with developmental disabilities and their families across the lifespan.

Services for Children from Birth to Three Years of Age
YAP offers services to infants and toddlers who have special needs due to developmental delays or disabilities. Services engage the child’s family to strengthen their ability to support the child’s resilience and development through training, coaching, modeling and consultation within the home and community. Fact Sheet

Services for Individuals dually diagnosed with a Mental Health Diagnosis
YAP provides home and community support to individuals who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses. Direct support to caregivers is available through planned short-term relief. These respite services are provided to both children and adults in their homes and communities.

Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
YAP provides community based services to enhance the health and welfare of children and adults with developmental disabilities, such as physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities or those with traumatic brain injury. Caring and supportive staff assist individuals in acquiring, maintaining and improving self-help, domestic, socialization, employment and adaptive skills. YAP also provides supportive services to parents with intellectual disabilities to help them bond with and safely care for their children. Fact Sheet

Services for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
YAP specializes in serving children and youth diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, providing them with individualized supports and skill development to promote their inclusion in typical community settings. Additional services include respite for caregivers and training and consultation are available to other community stakeholders. Fact Sheet

  • Home & Community Habilitation
  • Respite In and Out of Home
  • Companion Service
  • Supported Employment/Job Finding
  • Behavior Support Service
  • Community Integration/ Inclusion
  • Personal Assistance
  • Family Training
YAP currently serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities through Waiver Services in: YAP currently serves individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders through MA funded Behavioral Health programs in:
YAP provides waiver services to over 1,000 individuals with developmental disabilities a year, 600 of which have autism spectrum disorders.